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How do I ...

Decide whether eFiling my OSM-1 will help me?

Each company will have to decide whether this will help them or not. If you are currently filling in your OSM-1 forms by hand we believe you are a strong candidate to benefit from this system.

Determine what I need to use the Electronic Filing?

The minimum requirements that we recommend or require are:
- Access to the Internet
- Internet Explorer or Chrome
- 128-bit encryption
- A stable e-mail address for communication to and from OSM
- A connected printer to allow printing of required documents and screens
- A User Account and ID Code supplied by OSM

Get a User ID and password?

You must fill out an access form and mail or fax it to us. Obtain the access form from the eFile Information link, or Call OSM at 1.800.799.4265 and they will FAX or mail you a copy of the access form.

Receive notification that my OSM-1 is due?

Initially (for one filing period) you will continue to receive the paper mailing until you are comfortable with the electronic system. You will also receive e-mail approximately 35 - 40 days before the due date for the OSM-1 telling you it is ready to be worked on for the current period. If you have . not started your electronic OSM-1 within 10 days of the due date, you will receive a reminder e-mail to alert you that time is running short. If we have not received the electronic filing 2 business days before the due date we will send another urgent e-mail reminding you of the deadlines.

Find out who is my account representative?

On the first screen after you pass the 'logon' screen will be displayed your account representative’s name, phone number and e-mail address. This may change periodically as workloads are balanced at OSM; therefore it is important that you recheck each quarter before calling your representative.

Talk to a 'real' person?

If you need to talk to a person directly you may call 1.800.799.4265.

Get more than one person authorized to enter data for the OSM-1?

Our system design does not allow 'multiple' user accounts to access the same data. Our concern has been, and will be, the security and integrity of your data. The User ID and password is issued to a company or individual. We do not permit data entry by multiple user accounts for the same OSM-1 document.

Save my OSM-1 report as a file?

If you want to save your OSM-1 report as a file, rather than printing it out, Press 'File', 'Save As', then save as a web page. This is now viewable by word processing programs such as Word or WordPerfect.

Pay electronically online too?

The payment option is a direct link with the U.S. Department of the Treasury that allows you to do a 'Direct Debit' from you account to OSM's account. All you enter is your bank routing number and your account number, payment date and payment amount. You may schedule the payment to occur up to 30 days into the future. It is a free service to companies. Payments may be cancelled up to the day before their scheduled payment date.

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Where can I find ...

The Payer Handbook Online?

Click on the Payer Handbook link and select either the HTML or PDF version.

Help to use the web screens?

Each screen has 'help' screens attached. In most cases you will not need to access any “help” screens, but they are available if needed.

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Why doesn't ...

OSM let me request a User ID electronically?

Currently the government auditors require that we have a paper copy of your request for a User ID for auditing purposes. We are presently trying to design a system that will fulfill your needs to request electronically, and the requirements of the security auditors to know who should be allowed on this government computer. When this is resolved we will implement full electronic requesting for company User IDs.

OSM e-mail me my User ID and password?

For security reasons we do not send User Ids or passwords via E-mail. We send them via Federal Express Overnight so that we will have a signed receipt verifying who received the User ID in your company.

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Who is ...

The person to contact if I have problems with the Web Site?

On the initial logon screen is a phone number, (800) 799-4265, for contacting OSM general information & support. You may also send e-mail to ''.

If you are having general problems, contact your account representative via e-mail or phone. They will be the contact point for you until the problem is resolved. If you are unable to contact your account representative directly, please call 1.800.799.4265.

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What is ...

The advantage of using electronic filing?

There are several advantages for you and for OSM.

Since the electronic filing screens automatically calculate your fees there is less likelihood of math errors in the filing. This saves time and money in follow up phone calls to you, and eliminates the potential of permit eligibility problems occurring due to a math error.

The time to process an electronic OSM-1 is a lot less than for the paper copy, both for you and OSM. Since OSM data entry personnel do not have to try and read hand written changes there is a much smaller chance for error in the data entry by OSM.

Of the two moisture calculation methods allowed in the Payers Handbook, OSM's web site uses the method that gives the better rate, and lower fees, to you when you file.

If you have filed electronically you will be able to amend electronically too. Instead of manually filling in a form you will simply be able to open an amendment for an existing electronic OSM-1, make your changes, and submit it to OSM.

You are able to review your production and payment history on-line via reports and screens if you have an electronic OSM-1 account.You may schedule your payment on-line to save you time and processing fees.

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When is ...

The due date for my OSM-1 filing?

It is the same as filing a paper copy of the OSM-1. A major advantage of filing electronically is that you may work on the filing at your leisure and save interim results before submitting them to OSM. You may also electronically file early and submit your payment before the due date, just as you do currently. These filing due dates are at present:

January 30: 4th quarter of prior calendar year
April 30: 1st quarter of current calendar year
July 30: 2nd quarter of current calendar year
October 30: 3rd quarter of current calendar year

If a due date falls on a weekend you are still responsible for meeting the date for electronic filing by completing the OSM-1 form on or before the due date. Associated payments must be scheduled to occur on the previous Friday, the last business day before the due date.

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What if ...

I forget my password?

We do not have access to your password. If you forget your password call us at 1.800.799.4265 and we will reset it to a 'one use' value. When you use this 'one use' password you will be forced to create a new, personal password. This password 'reset' service will be available between 6:30 AM and 5:00 PM Mountain Time, Monday through Friday.

I go on vacation and I want somebody else to file the OSM-1?

Our system design does not allow 'multiple' user accounts to access the same data. Our concern has been, and will be, the security and integrity of your data. The User ID and password is issued to a company or individual.

If you need to allow another person to enter data, for example when you are on vacation, we give you the capability to change your password on the main screen after 'logon'. You would do this after you return from vacation so that only you would have the current password.

I file BOTH a paper copy and an electronic copy of my OSM-1?

No problem. Whichever is received first will be the one processed. The electronic copy will be marked as 'processed' to allow you to file electronic amendments, even if it was received after the paper copy was entered into the OSM computer.

If there are differences between the paper copy and the electronic copy of the OSM-1 the account representative will NOT attempt to reconcile the differences. You must file an amendment to reconcile differences if you accidentally filed both ways. Companies who file electronically will shortly receive only an e-mail notifying them of a filing being due. They will no longer receive the paper copy in the mail.

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